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A Sampler

Minas Tirith Evening-Star began publication in 1967, as an independent fanzine associated with a short-lived Tolkien fan group.  In 1975, it became the Journal of the American Tolkien Society.  This drawing of Frodo, by Marci Helms (now M. Zoe Starkweather), has appeared in MTES several times, and on T-shirts, Hobbit Day cards, and other memorabilia.

Our journal includes various content and features.  A sampling of recent well-received features are offered here, to give the visitor a sense of the journal.



Fan Fiction

Interrupted Music - Flieger
Children of Hurin - Tolkien

Photos from
J.R.R. Tolkien's Eleventy-First Birthday

Tolkien in/and Academia
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Hobbit Recipes
Raspberry Jam     Seed Cake
Mushrooms!     More Mushrooms!

Pumpkin Bread     Yule Dinner
A Festive Autumn Meal

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