J.R.R. Tolkien's Oxford


ATS Founder David L. Dettman made a trip to the Oxford area and brought back photos of various locations important in Tolkien's life and career.  We are pleased to present a selection of these photos for our visitors.  Please note that these are black and white photos, except for the portrait of the Tolkiens.  David Dettman's photos are copyrighted by the Society.  Thanks to Daniel Goldwater, who currently lives at 22 Northmoor Road, for assisting us with the chronology.

20 Northmoor Road.  The family lived here, 1930-1952.
Photo by David L. Dettman.

The Eagle and Child (Bird and Baby) Pub. 
The Inklings met here on Tuesday mornings
during the 1930's and 1940's.
Photo by David L. Dettman.

22 Northmoor Road, Tolkien's first home in Oxford
The Tolkiens lived here 1925-1930.
Photo by David L. Dettman.

The White Horse Pub.
Tolkien read
The Lord of the Rings aloud
here in 1944.
Photo by David L. Dettman.


76 Sandfield Road.
The Tolkiens lived here, 1953-1968.
Photo by David L. Dettman.


21 Merton Street, Oxford.
After Edith died in 1971, Tolkien returned
from Bournemouth to Oxford and lived here.

The Eastgate Hotel.
Tolkien often dined here, around the corner
from 21 Merton Street.

The Tolkiens' Tombstone.
Edith is identified as Luthien, and Tolkien, as Beren.